Celebrity is all about the buzz and critics ' love them or hate them .... matter.  Anytime you start a new acting role , movie , or tv series;  its best to get a write up from some kind from traditional news paper outlets. While not as important as they once were, news paper critics do serve an important role in online Celebrity SEO / BUZZ control.   Google / Yahoo and others read these reviews and can help promote your show or fellow actors or actresses.  Musicians too can benefit here by leveraging critics to get your website ranked higher. 

Here are some well know critics you may want to reach out to.

    Chicago Sun-Times [Lori Racki]
    San Francisco Chronicle [David Wiegand]
    USA Today [Robert Blanco]
    Washington Post [Hank Stuever]
    Alibi.com [Devin D. O'Leary]
    Boston Globe [Don Aucoin]
    Boston Herald [Mark A. Perigard]
    Common Sense Media [Kari Croop]
    Denver Post [Joanne Ostrow]
    Film Abides [Menno Knopperts] (Dutch)
    Hitfix [Alan Sepinwall]
    Los Angeles Times [Mary McNamara]
    Miami Herald [Glenn Garvin]
    New York Daily News [David Hinckley]
    New York Magazine [Matt Zoller Seitz]
    New York Post [Linda Stasi]
    Newsday [Verne Gay]
    Philadelphia Daily News [Ellen Gray]
    Philadelphia Inquirer [David Hiltbrand]
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette [Rob Owen]
    PopMatters [Michael Landweber]
    RedEye [Curt Wagner]
    Slant Magazine (Season 1) [Phillip Maciak]
    Slate [Troy Patterson]
    TV Guide [Matt Roush]
    TVSeriesUSA [Rogorn] (Spanish)
    The Hollywood Reporter [Tim Goodman]
    The Huffington Post [Maureen Ryan]
    The New York Times [Neil Genzlinger]
    The New Yorker [Emily Nussbaum]
    Time [James Poniewozik]
    Uncle Barky [Ed Bark]
    Variety [Brian Lowry]
    Wall Street Journal [Dorothy Rabinowitz]

Politicians Scott Brown Wins Election / Online Marketing for Celebrity Politicians The official definition of Astroturfing is a form of propaganda whose techniques usually consist of a few people attempting to give the impression that mass numbers of enthusiasts advocate some specific cause.

When I say Astroturfing what I am specificity referring to is online or search marketing for political candidates or causes that a congressman / woman or a senator is trying to promote. When it comes to “campaign awareness “ I am an expert in creating and managing 1000’s of online groups and individuals to help promote a cause. I call it a social megaphone. In many countries this technique is employed by governments in order to sway a population towards one view or another.

I have clear views on the subject: 1. If you are looking for this kind of service you better have deep pockets. This is a hired gun type of position. 2. A team will mirror your political campaign but will not take direct orders from an internal staffer except on context and message. (Trust me you don’t want a pure political marketer making tech decisions) 3. Most of the SEO / System architect’s that are capable of doing large scale astroturing will be at a director level with a heavy technical background. Meaning they have coded in the past. These people are direct reports, not some “ one off you hire. 4. They can make or break you…. Use caution when hiring for this.

“ Journalist Ben Smith of The Politico has observed, "Interest groups across the spectrum have grown expert at locating, enraging and turning out authentic Americans. And the operatives behind the crowds say there's nothing wrong with a practice as old as American politics."[14] Regarding the 2009 health care debate, author and blogger Ryan Sager has argued in a New York Times editorial: "Organizing isn't cheating. Doing everything in your power to get your people to show up is basic politics “

1. Back Link Efforts / PR Building: You should market using well written content that will read well as not to reflect poorly upon your brand, most firms will have an in-house writer. However, there are many writing services available for smaller companies that can produce well written articles to market with.

You should focus the majority of their back linking efforts on targeting key words / brand to the main site and the corresponding subsections. Your competition is extreme and over time you need to build up the PR value. In some case we see competitors ranking for 1000+ search terms. So keep your efforts focused on your main site and subsections. Avoid micro sites unless you really know what your doing in terms of building SEO rings.

2. Cited Sources / Press Releases: Any time you submit press or any other high value news source make sure your proper name and website address is in the content. These services are valuable for key word building. DO NOT LINK TO MICRO SITES! I have witnessed time and time again companies trying to get an upper hand with Google by creating micro sites and then linking to them with real news releases. Not only does this dilute your link building power, but more importantly you can confuse the Google because it matches cited sources.

3 Google Places impact: If you’re a business with an office this is a must.

4. Adding new content: Google likes to see new content added to the main website. If you are targeting for example a weddings, its better to make a small group of high quality pages about that and post them to the main site verse posting to a secondary site. It will rank faster and help your PR value.

5. Social Media : (Face Book / Twitter pages) Its ok to point links to the secondary blog sites. However, you would typically see many posts back linking to the main corporate site page. Again add new quality pages to your main site and talk about them.

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